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As our country moves forward in this unsure economic environment, many more questions have to be asked when choosing a contractor to do your work.

Today, with tight bidding, Contractors and Owners must be confident that the subcontractors hired haven't reduced quality, scheduling or safety to get the job.

Having a subcontractor that is progressive, committed to hitting deadlines, with quality, safety, and environmental concerns in place is key.

Builders Steel Company has been doing this and continues, as we navigate this economic climate. Our customers have come to expect us to anticipate issues that can slow a job down.

Innovative contractual agreements for long term, multi-structure projects, that make both us and our customer more profitable.

Safety is not an afterthought. Annual profits can be made or broken based on injuries. Our commitment to safety is for our workers welfare and our bottom line. Builders Steel Company maintains a Field Safety Manager, dedicated to safety issues and inspection.

Builders Steel Company has been committed to environmental responsibility since the 1970s when special lighting fixtures were installed to give employees better conditions and cut energy usage. This has been built upon over time, making it easy for us to be the contractor of choice on LEED jobs.